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On the tour we took last year, the others werent interested in doing anything so the person i was traveling with and i bought a scarf for the bus driver and a bottle of wine for the tour guide. In france, it is expected that you also tip museum guides between 1. On our 5 day trip to ireland we will be assigned a tour director by the travel agency behind the trip. Tipping in morocco how much to tip tour guides, drivers. If your tour involves a separate driver as opposed to a tour in which the guide doubles as the driver, you may want to tip the driver also. Get these travel tips and vegas hotel reservations, show tickets, tour reservations and more on vegas. Among the companies, there is quite a difference in what is expected of a tour director. However there are a few significant differences between israeli and palestinian culture regarding tipping. Although a gratuity isnt expected from our customers, we encourage it as a way of thanking the drivers who make these trips possible.

They are requesting tips of 4 to 6 eurospounds per day for the tour director and half that for the driver. Is it expected or is it more like in european restaurants where tipping is not necessarily expected, at least not like in the u. Group leaders are advised to collect tip money from each participant at the beginning of the tour to avoid confusion and lack of money at the end of the tour. From how much to tip a waiter at a restaurant, to how much to tip a red cap at a train station. This would include a baggage handler, maid, waiter or waitress, tour bus driver, or tour guide. In most circumstances, a tip is left for the waiter or the bartender when you go out for dinner or drinks. Tipping how much to tip tour director and bus drivers. This site contains information on what is considered proper tipping etiquette in different situations. Viking recommends 1 euro per person to the bus driver and 2 euros per person to the guide.

If you are part of a large group tour it is appropriate to tip the bus driver. Its also common to give your tour bus driver a tip not on public transportation. However, your situation is different since you are paying for the bus rental and. Tips to the driver usually fall within the same range. But did you know that it also customary to tip the driver of your charter bus. In trying to figure the final cost, we have no idea what to budget as a tip for the tour director and bus driver at the end of a two week tour. How much do you tip a tour guide on an escorted tour. For the tour guide of a large group tour, the tip amount of 200 dhs was suggested as a total amount per booking party for a multiday large group tour, not per day. We did give our bus driver some money on the last day because he worked so hard. Whats a good rule of thumb for tipping tour guides and drivers. How to tip when traveling around the world fodors travel. Traveling in israel on a private tour meaning the guide is also a driver and you are on a personal tailor made tour. If someone provides a service at an airport, border terminal, restaurant, hotel, or tour, then a tip is appropriate. Put your tip in an envelope, seal it, and hand it to your guide and driver at the end of your tour.

Tour guides and tour bus drivers should be offered a gratuity, but its best delivered in an envelope. Is this tipping really necessary to subsidize a tour escort and bus drivers wages. Paid both the bus driver and tour director as noted in the green book however, this totally is against the entire philosophy of arthur tauck and jr should be embarrassed and ashamed that hes allowed his team to go this direction. Located in the south pacific, where on many islands tipping is not required, hawaii is a u. How to tip when traveling around the world fodors travel guide. Please be aware that tipping is considered by many locals to be a part of their normal remuneration and some may approach you for additional compensation. How much to tip tour guides, taxis, hotel maids, and.

Sep 16, 2014 how to tip when traveling around the world. Your tour director is with your group 24 hours a day, taking care of all the logistics on tour and becoming a partner and friend on the road. Who else on an organized tour involving several guides, theres usually a jar. How to decipher tipping etiquette on tours around the world. Your tour director will be accompanying you and your group across the full length of your tour, becoming your narrator and guide throughout the journey from start to finish. Tipping in hawaii is not only the right thing to do, but it is also absolutely essential for the livelihood of the local residents who work in the service industry. Gratuities for cruise staff are included in your ef program price. Charter and sightseeing bus drivers are also tipped in certain cases. Aug 03, 2018 for a coach bus driver, yes, that would be appropriate, paid at the end of the tour. What about shuttle bus drivers, tour guides, and bellmen. Base camp fundraising trek australian surf camp coach. How to decipher tipping etiquette on tours around the world go. The original tipping page tips us tour guide bus driver.

Israel travel tips by israel tour guide aaron shaffier. It is not a cheap service and therefore many people think or convince themselves to think that it includes the tip. Im thinking of going on a 14 day escorted tour to ireland. Generally, a tip of 10%15% of the tour price is given to a tour bus driverguide. Unless the driver or tour company outright refuses tips, plan to give a tour bus driver a cash gratuity at the end of the journey, whether it lasts three hours or 10 days. In the case of the recent globus tour, the tour director wasnt that good, as far as information about the area was concerned, and the bus driver was much more helpful, so i ended up tipping the bus driver more than the tour director. We took a aaa bus tour 2 years ago, and when i asked our aaa travel agent about tipping the tour escort and bus driver, she said that both were well paid by aaa. If you mean a tour bus driver, if he also the guide, i would tip him. If your guide personalized the tour for you, you may choose to leave them a five euro note. Were presently on the first of three consecutive tours run by cosmos globus. Japan is a tip free country and you do not have to tip chambermaid, taxi drivers, or hotel or restaurant personnel.

Jan 22, 2018 be generous with tips while taking a multiday tour in countries that are dependent on tourism such as nepal and vietnam where adventure guides face a threat to their lives, sometimes, almost on a daily basis. Tipping of tour guides on viking river cruising cruise. We frequently receive inquiries about tipping our tour guide and bus driver and here is the guideline on tipping for our tour. Tour guide bus driver day trips tow truck operator. What ever the price of the tour is, you should calculate an addition amount for tipping the tour. There is no need to be intimidated by the request, nor should you feel pressured to pay more than recommended. This free palm os application has most of the information contained here on the original tipping page.

Gratuities may be paid in local currency or us dollar equivalent where accepted. Jun 26, 2008 the best source i found was online at gate 1 travel. While tipping your guides and drivers, you need to consider. At the conclusion of your tour, it is customary to offer your tour director and driver a gratuity. You can discreetly ask the guide if youre not sure.

Tipping of contiki trip managers and drivers is completely optional and not mandatory. The japanese culture is one that is firmly rooted in dignity, respect, and hard work. A complete guide to tips on tipping in las vegas and other travel tips and suggestions for your vegas vacation in vegas. The travel agency informed me that we should tip the tour director 34 euros per day per person, and the bus drivers 23 euros. The bus driver got their gift the last day before they left us. Tipping for local tour guides is at the discretion of the program leader. We are considering going on our first escorted tour. A tip equivalent to a few dollars per person per day is usually sufficient. The tour price does not include customary, endoftrip gratuities for your tour.

Tip amounts for tour bus drivers travel tips usa today. Tipping on tour like any member of the service industry, tour directors, bus drivers and local guides depend on tips to make a living. The tour will include almost everything except a few dinners and. For a half or fullday bus tour, a small tip is appropriate. Europe how much do you tip a tour guide on an escorted tour. Motor coach operator and tour guides extended tours movers. Verify first that your tour price didnt include a gratuity for him or her. On a short bus tour several hours or less, tip your guide 10 20 percent of the cost of the tour. If the trip doesnt cost anything, the driver andor. Most cruises these days are either tipping not required nor expected or the tips are included in your cruise fare. As such, good service is considered the standard and tips are viewed as unnecessary. The best source i found was online at gate 1 travel. If you hire a mini bus or other private driver for your family its appropriate to tip around 10% depending on how happy you were with the service. On a short bus tour several hours or less, tip your guide 10 20 percent.

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