Iaaf rules book 2018-19 pdf

Certifications system which details information about the certification of facilities and implements, and includes the various application and report forms. Rules the rules of the iaaf, including the competition rules which include the technical rules, the former code of ethics, the integrity code of conduct, the rules of congress procedure and such other rule as approved from time to time in accordance with the constitution. The point of this book is to package the results and stories of 2003 and every other world indoor games and. Organisers shall submit to the iaaf a completed event report on the form provided by. Iaaf competition rules 20182019, in force from 1 november 2017. Technical rules and the iaaf track and field facilities manual. Iaaf competition rules 20182019errata coil bound version. Application form for 2017 authorised neutral athlete seeking eligibility to compete in international competitions in 2018.

Manuals and guidelines which includes iaaf competition rules, and other material including track and field facilities manual, technical guidelines, etc. New iaaf rulebook available oceania athletics association. These are published every two years in the iaaf competition rules. Competing order of the field events shall be at the discretion of the organiser. Iaaf technical rules of the iaaf competition rules. The iaaf competition rules have provided the definitive point of reference for that. Iaaf antidoping rules, in force as from 6 march 2018.

In order to achieve this particular goal the proper planning is required. Iaaf disputes and disciplinary proceeding rules, in force from 1 november 2017. All our research, rules, regulations and member federation information. International association of athletics federations competition rules 20182019.

This rule book is designed predominantly to provide technical officials with a practical publication that includes all the changes that have occurred since the last edition. Amendments approved by the iaaf council, in force from 11 march 2019. Definations specific to rules book, score sheet and forms. Iaaf cross country permit regulations 2017 2018 1 general principles 1. The information in this section covers four categories. It gives me pleasure to introduce the 20182019 iaaf competition rules. This rule book is designed predominantly to provide technical officials with a practical.

The iaaf has now published the new competition rulebook 20182019. In this section you will find the constitution and the rules and regulations of world athletics. Iaaf antidoping rules 2019 in force from 1 january 2019 1 article 1 introduction 1. All national federations and area associations shall comply with the antidoping rules and antidoping regulations. These rules have already come in to effect as of the 1st of november 2017. Iaaf disputes and disciplinary proceeding rules in force from 1 november 2019.

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